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Listen!Psalm 103:1-8 | Luke 13:10-17 What are God’s laws for?

This question really goes to the heart of a whole swathe of Christian theology and ethics and social action.

What are God’s …read more


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Listen!Psalm 82 | Hebrews 11:29-12:2 Hebrews chapter 11 contains one of my favourite verses in the whole of the Bible. “By faith,” it reads, “they were sawn in two.”. Now …read more

Look busy!

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Hebrews 11:8-16 | Luke 12:32-40Listen! When I was at college, one of the other student – now a respected minister, so I won’t name him or her – had a …read more


Ecclesiastes 2:18-23 | Luke 12:13-21Listen! The Bible has, it would have to be said, something of an ambiguous attitude towards wealth. On the one hand, in much of the Old …read more