In the world

Listen!John 17:6-19 | John 6:60-69 Over the past few weeks we’ve been exploring different big issues that confront us as a Church and as individual followers of Jesus in the …read more

Engaging with Science

Listen!Genesis 1:1-19 | Psalm 19:1-4 Many of you will have heard this story before, because I love to tell it. When I first arrived at Uniting Theological College to start …read more

Engaging other faiths

Listen!Acts 17:22-28 | John 14:1-10 As I mentioned two weeks ago, at the start of this September series of sermons on issues facing Christians today, when I asked members of …read more

Engaging Culture

Listen!Acts 5:27-32 | 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 In some ways last week’s sermon might have felt a bit depressing. I guess its kind of inevitable that if you ask what the …read more

Dying and Irrelevant

Listen!Ezekiel 37:1-14 | John 12:20-26 When, a few weeks ago, I asked members of the congregation to nominate what they thought were the biggest issues facing the Church in the …read more