Be Empowered

By in Sermons 28 May 2017

Listen! Acts 1:1-11 So how should we live?

If you’re ever going to murder someone – and let me just make it absolutely clear that I am not recommending this course of action – but if you ever did, one of the problems that you would have to deal with is what to do with the body.

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Be witnesses

By in Sermons 21 May 2017

Listen! Acts 17:22-31 So how should we live?

Last week we heard the story of Stephen, the first to die because of his insistence that he would both live and speak his faith in Jesus Christ, whatever the consequences.

Today our story moves to another witness to Jesus – Paul, the great evangelist of the first century, the one who, more than any other, took the good news across the ancient world.

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Be Brave

By in Sermons 14 May 2017

Listen! Acts 7:55-60 So how should we live?

Over the six weeks of this series, leading up to Pentecost, we’re focussing on a series of stories of the early Church, exploring how they, the first believers in Jesus, responded to the life changing – world changing – events of Easter.

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Be together

By in Sermons 7 May 2017

Listen! Acts 2:42-47 So how should we live?

Last week we reflected on Peter’s words at Pentecost, calling upon the faithful Jews of the day to recognise their need to change; to repent; to live differently. He called on them to mark this change of life in the symbol of baptism; and we read that three thousand people did so, that day alone.