Nothing can separate us

Romans 8:26-39 And so today we come to the last of our series on the promises of God from these few chapters of the book of Romans.

Children of God

Romans 8:12-25 So after all his talk of grace taking the place of law in control of our lives and our destinies, after all the talk of freedom from addiction to sin, and from the condemnation that is the logical consequence of the harm that we do one another and the world – after all […]

Creation and Beyond

I’ve just published my second collection of sermons (all of which are freely available here on the website) – “Creation and Beyond”. If you are in Australia and would like a copy, please let me know as I’ve done a bulk order and can ship it to you more cheaply 🙂

Freedom from slavery

Listen! Romans 7:15-25a | Matthew 11:25-30 Last week we talked about how Paul describes the fundamental difference between the status, the reality, of the believer, the one who is, and knows that he or she is, no longer under law; no longer bound by the rules of transaction, of “if I do this then God […]

The free gift of eternal life

Listen! Romans 6:12-23 So today we begin a new series of services in which we’re going to be focussing on these three amazing chapters in the book of Romans, and in particular on the promises of God found in this, often convoluted, certainly very compact, piece of writing.