Romans 12:1-8 Today is the first in a short series in which we’re returning to the book of Romans as it comes to its conclusion, and exploring the idea that Paul develops there – and in several of his other letters – that we, the Church, the people of God, are the body of Christ. I guess its an image that most of us are pretty familiar with; we use it in our Church language, and in our liturgy all the time. But lets just take a couple of weeks to pause, and reflect on what it might mean for us, here in Roseville in 2017 and beyond.

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Matthew 15:10-28 I guess if you were to make a list of adjectives that you would apply to Jesus, “racist” probably wouldn’t be amongst them. And yet here he is, meeting with a gentile, a Cananite woman, in desperate need of help for her afflicted daughter, and basically calling her a dog – by contrast with the Jews, Jesus’ people, who are the children.

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Matthew 14:22-33 And so, after the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus finally gets the time alone that he was looking for.

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Matthew 14:13-21 So, the feeding of the five thousand. Surely a Sunday School favourite – all those people, a small boy with a packed lunch (although he doesn’t get a mention in Matthew’s gospel), Jesus says grace and five thousand people have enough to eat with twelve baskets left over.

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