Isaiah 58:1-9a | Luke 4:16-19 Lying at the very heart of the story of the people of God; the defining origin story for the people of Israel; an event that echoes through the whole of the Old Testament and into the New; is a story of slavery and freedom.

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Two or Three

By in Sermons 10 Sep 2017

Matthew 18:15-20 Now here’s a phrase that we certainly hear and use in the community of Christian faith:

Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.

We claim this as a promise, we value it for Jesus’ commitment to us, to being with us, to standing alongside us as we gather to worship.

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Romans 12:9-21 So in Christ, we talked about last week, in Christ we are one body. Our unity as the people of God is not something that we earn, not something that we create by our actions, but is our very nature, the gift of God.

Our unity does not depend upon our uniformity; quite the opposite, in fact; the functioning of the body depends upon our difference.

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