Mark 1:21-28 A new preacher walked into town. Perhaps some people knew him from his childhood days in Nazareth, a little hamlet in the nearby mountains, but he’d been a wanderer of late, spending time further out in the wilderness.

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Mark 1:14-20 Last week we thought about the calling of Phillip and of Nathanael, of Jesus’ simple call to Phillip – “follow me”, and of Phillip’s invitation to Nathanael, “come and see for yourself”. And the way that something happened in their encounter with Jesus which inspired them to join it, to follow, to be involved in the work that Jesus was doing, part of the movement that he was beginning.

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By in Sermons 15 Jan 2018

John 1:43-51 It’s an odd little story, we have today, the calling of Phillip and Nathanael, from the gospel of John.

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