Dishonest Wealth

Luke 16:1-9 Don’t you just love it when Jesus praises dishonest behaviour? I particularly like the way that many Bibles, choose to spin this as the ‘parable of the shrewd manager’. Yeah, ok, the guy acted shrewdly, but I wonder what you would call a man who, afraid he was going to be sacked for […]

Ninety nine or one?

Luke 15:1-10 Don’t you just love this parable? This image of God as the Shepherd who cares about the individual sheep, who seeks out the lost, who celebrates over the return of the wanderer.

What do we do with the passover

Exodus 12:1-13 | Luke 22:14-20 So welcome to an episode of “what on earth are we going to do with this story”. A story in which we are told of God committing an act of terrorism. Systematically killing the firstborn of every family in an entire nation, in order to get the political leadership to […]

Invited and inviting

Luke 14:7-14 This week Sureka I celebrated our twenty second wedding anniversary. Now while many of the details of the preparations for the wedding have faded into the midst of time (actually, I managed to avoid much of the planning by still being in England when decisions had to be taken), one thing that does […]