About Chris

Rev. Dr. Chris Goringe is currently Minister of the Word at Roseville Uniting Church, Sydney, Australia. Prior to April 2017, he was Minister at St. John’s Uniting Church in Wahroonga.

Originally trained as a theoretical scientist, he obtained a doctorate in Quantum Chemistry from Oxford University, and over a few years at Oxford, Keele and Sydney Universities published over 40 works in the peer reviewed scientific literature.

This life was followed by a stint working as a software developer and IT strategist for Innovit, PWC, and Avaya, during which time he was awarded a number of patents in the field of computer networking.

In 2006 he left the commercial sector to train for the ministry, completing a B.Theol. at Charles Sturt University in 2009, and at the start of 2010 took up the role of Minister of the Word at St. John’s. In 2020 he completed his M.Theol. with a research project entitled “Playful Reading”, an exploration of the idea of playfulness as an approach to the Bible.

Chris is an accredited Godly Play storyteller, and passionate about sharing the story of the Christian faith with young and old. His first book, “Wandering through Scripture”, a collection of sermons based around the E100 series of readings, was published in 2013, and his second collection, “Creation and Beyond” in 2017.